Frannie in person

This section describes (somewhat) Good old "Fran". My nick is Ms.Poddy on the net for messenger's & ICQ. Hija for MIRC.

Thanks to Dear Fairy Autumn Fyre for the graphic below. If you are a coffee drinker as I am, you'll appreciate it!

Frannie's Coffee

Well, now that I have had my coffee I can talk! Hmmm, how can I explain me! I was and still am owned by Tripod, even though she is here only in spirit now! And now by Boo, Binky, Baby and Mr. S'more's Esq who is getting bigger each day! A 20 pounder he is! And our newest addition to the family , another rescue of course, Mr. Mau. He'll be on my "Meet my Cats Page" soon!

Thanks to dearest Phil for many of the graphics including the one below you will find on these pages!

thanks Phil

I am a retired Engineer and Cable analyzer. I worked for a large communications company (who shall remain nameless--only because it had so many names I can't remember them all!) and at the age of "the big Five 0" decided to take a hike! So I retired! Now I try to keep these pages up to date LOL! I am a gamer, HL2,C.O.D, Doom 3, MOHAA, SOFII, Jewel Quest, Alchemy and an avid Word Whomper-:).

I try and help as many people and animals as I can during my day and night! Being retired I am now busier than I was before! I started Creature Comforts Feral/Stray Rescue. I care for 2 feral colonies. Do TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return, get medical attention and vaccinations) for the cats in the colonies.. Feeding is done daily with the help of my friend Laurie , who is Gallery Director of the Barrett Art Center. We also try and home strays who are domesticated.

Thanks Phil

I am also a Reiki II Practitioner. So if you are in the nieghborhood. Come on in for a reiki session. That's a wonderful energy, healing practice. Great for human's and animals and even food and water cleansing.

Thanks Phil

I am a volunteer at our local SPCA. Which I love so much! I work on the main floor with the adoptable kitty's and also sometimes in isolation with the sick ones and give them some Reiki. It's the most rewarding experience. You get back so much love from these furbabies! If you are thinking about volunteering , please go to your local shelter today!

These webpage's are always under siege from me! So check back often and see the new links and changes! Remember I am retired so I am supposed to update things on a regular basis! Grin

Thought I should show ya a pic of me dearest mum, Anna Catherine, aka "Pat". Who passed away at the age of 95 on December 18, 2001. I grieve the loss of my dear mum so very much. I loved her ever so much. She was my dearest friend and taught me so very much. I will never get over losing her. Please take the time to be with your mum's each and every day. Love them and cherish them always! Life is too short not too!

Dearest Mum with my sweet Poddy in Dec. 2000

my mum & pod

Good onya mum! This pic was taken in '85 Mum's pic

Just so that you get to know us all , I mean yer sitting here drinkin' me champers & 'mice' tea and havin' a good time hopefully Well, here's the whole family! Yikes! Left to right are my favourite Aunt Flo, my wonderful mum, moi, sista Joan and my favorite cousin Elaine! (pic taken fall '99)

My family pic

Well, I am sure that may have bored you a bit, so go on back to the main page or visit these great sites on the below webrings! And if you can , please sign the petition's listed there and even write some letters. If we don't speak out for the animals who will? Enjoy!/P>


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